About Extended Stay

Luxury and modern home convenience come hand-in-hand as our extended stay hotels are head-and-shoulders above the rest. We offer all the trappings of home, while still giving you the service and attention needed to make the visit extraordinary.

Des Moines has it all, and you want all the time needed to experience this great city. This is why an extended stay is your best option.

Take advantage of:

  • A gorgeous skyline
  • Diverse dining establishments
  • Superb shopping centers
  • Lots of outdoor fun activities for the whole family to enjoy

We pride ourselves on offering you the best rooms that have all of the necessary kitchen appliances so you can make your own meals. Enjoy normal room pick-up three times per week or at a schedule you prefer to best suit your needs. The facility also has all of the latest, state-of-the-art technology to ensure that guests stay connected to meet the demands of personal or business needs.

Choosing to stay at our extended stay hotel is the smart way to travel for long periods of time and is more cost efficient with:

  • Daily, weekly, and corporate rates
  • No higher charges on the weekends
  • Rates based on a different chart
  • More economical pricing the longer you stay

The facility is perfect if you are relocating and need a place to stay or set up a temporary office. It is also ideal if you are on vacation and want to save money by cooking a few meals in the room. This is especially true if you have children, as restaurant costs can soar to out-of-control proportions.

Our extended stay hotel offers you the smart way to travel; you still get some of the liberties you have at home and experience the 24-hour care and attention you crave on a vacation. The next time you come to Des Moines, look us up and let us show you how we do things right.